Head of Beauty & Health

Eni has +20 years of experiance in beauty and health. Worked many years in differant healthfood stores and was the head of beauty department. She also trained sales staff from differenrt stores to be better in sales and custum services.  As a food technician she later educated here selfe in medicine and alternatve medicine to have more knowlage in health, food and supplements. Eni likes good food and wine. Loves organic food and her Yorkshire Terrier (Tintin). Her passion is in dancing and she is devoted to balett. 

Head of Sports & Supplements

Thomas has +30 years of experiance in supplementation, sales & marketing. Started out in healthfood stores as store manager in the begining of his carieer. Worked as marketing manager and later CEO for premium brands like Great Earth, Solgar and Terranova.  He made a huge success on the market with his knowlage and his way to build some of the strongest brands in the region. Educated in alternative medicine, massage and personal trainer. Histoiry in wheight lifting but nowdays the passion is in speed, road cycling.

Head of Echonomics & Imports

Ilona has +45 years of experiance in beauty and skincare. Founder of Fonnix Beauty in 1984. Started out with cosmetics but later changed to skincare. Imported brands like Isabelle Lancray and Maria Galand. In the 90´s the company was the pioneer in Sweden to introduce the roll-on wax (Dephilflax) for hair removal. This turned out to a success and other companies started to enter the market with similar products. Ilona has education in cosmetics and skincare. Passion for beauty and fitess and she is a regular guest at the local gym.