Who we are.

Since 1985 FONNIX have been a distributor of premium lifestyle products such as beauty and health.  In the 80´s we even distributed Isabelle Lancray skincare to her Majesty the Queen of Sweden through one of our salons. In the 90´s we were the first company in Sweden to distribute wax in a patented roll-on cassette though the brand Depilflax. In the 2000 we became the leader in wax products for beauticians in Sweden. In the late 2010 the company transfered as it became a 2nd generation family company and new ideas raised as new family members joined the company. We started to work with the largest wax manufacturer in the world, Italwax. While beauty and health is still our main focus we also started to look at other areas. Areas that our new family staff had a long experience in  now brought in to the company; sports, supplements, sports, cycling and software.

In the 2020´s Fonnix became FONNIX PREMIUM GROUP. 

Today Fonnix Premium Group import different products for Beauty, Health, Sports & Nutrition. We are always looking for new ideas and products in our specific fields. If you have any you are welcome to contact us. 

We distribute mainly in Sweden but also Denmark, Norway and sometimes even Finland. We import products from UK, Italy, Hungary, Span, Poland, US and Taiwan.

Our distribution warehouse is in Nässjö, middle of Sweden, and we can reach 85% of allt the people in Sweden with our products in just one day.We work b2b and b2c.

How we pick our brands

We bring beauty, health and performance to people who live in the Nordic countries. Our main focus is to make people the differance with premium products that we import or manufacture our selfe. With the  feel beautiful and healthy thought our products that we sell to stores or therapeists. Our custumers are therapiest In the beauty.

Branding agency.

We love brands! We build brands through the ones we import and sell or the ones we create ourselves.

We also help other companies create the unique graphic language around their own brands. Marketing, advertising, product design, etc.

Contact us and we will show you what we can do with your products!

Beauty & Health.

Our main focus in the BEAUTY sector are wax products and xx. We import and sell to the nordic countries. We sell to both therapies and end consumers through our different webbshop platforms. We also make our own brands for the export market.

Sports & Supplements.

Our main focus in the SUPPLEMENT sector is energy products for endurance athletes as cyclists, runners and swimmers. We also import sport related products in the road bike segment.

We sell to sport clubs, stores and end consumers. We also arrange cycling happenings as SKÅNE KLASSIKERN.

Some of our own brands

Unleash your ideas with Fonnix Group

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